August 16 05

So, the husband and i were watching Raging Bull on Sunday night and i began having contractions. i didn’t think anything of it because as you all know, i’d been having contractions for over a month.

but, i began counting just for kicks. 11 minutes. nothing exciting. 11 minutes again. and again. and then they started getting super painful, but still only 11 mintues apart. it wasn’t until 4 am when i thought maybe we should go to the hospital.

so, we went in at 7. got assessed. 3.5 cm dilated! holy crap. i didn’t think i could dilate on my own! insanity. the nurse told us to walk around until 10 and then come back. by then the contractions were getting closer together 6-7 minutes and i was up to 4. i got admitted at 11:30.

it was the most pleasurable labor experience. i dilated completely on my own. no pitocin. of course, i did have an epidural at around 12:30. at 6:30 pm i was completely dilated but the baby hadn’t completely dropped yet. the nurses suggested i start pushing at 7:20ish just to see what would happen.

our little bunny was born at 7:41 and weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces. she is 20 inches long. and she came out posterier (face up).

and she’s stunning. completely worth the wait. of course that’s much easier to say after the fact.

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