March 25 05

~i couldn’t be happier. i was super surprised at the Donald’s boot this week since he seems to have had a thing for Erin. blech. gross. ew. she’s soo narsty, and when she winked at Trump – not one, but twice – i knew her arse was toast.

~poor Craig. i love him. i thought his idea was great. his team did NOT deserve a reward. they treated him like crap. i thought her rocked. i hope he wins this thing.

~”One minute to save your life, Chris. One minute.” every time Trump talks to Chris i start laughing out loud. Chris always looks like he’s going to pop a vein or something. ticking time bomb, i tell you. ticking time bomb.

~Did anyone else want to punch her in the face when she said she knows what a crown is but not crown moulding? what kind of beauty contest was she winning, anyway?

~gotta love Tana for getting the dorky Home Depot dude to shimmy it up.

~i’m not the biggest Angie fan (i also think she needs some serious styling help), but i lurved when she said, “Paris Hilton would’ve been much better than Erin on this task.”

good episode!!!

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