February 2 07

well, the bunny slept from 6:08 last night until 7:03 this morning. no 10pm whining for milk. no midnight barfing episodes. no 2 am pining for Dora. no 4am whining for milk. nothing. no thank the good lord. sleep. blissfull, uninterrupted sleep. and, well, wonder of wonders, this is the first morning i didn’t feel like i was going to fall asleep on the highway driving to work. so, yay.

So, Paula Abdul might be completely bat-shit crazy of late…but she sure hit the nail on the head when she said that opposites attract (although, what the hell was with that…what was it…chester cheetah-like cat?). The husband and i, when it actually comes down to it, have very little common interests.

he’s a hockey fan. i’m more of a basketball and football kind of girl. (i’m American, what do you want from me?)

he likes video games. i don’t. i like movies. he doesn’t. i like tv. he doesn’t. (or, i think he doesn’t like to admit that he likes it. i’m pretty sure i’ve gotten him hooked on House, but he’s too stubborn to say it). i like to read. he likes to listen to Stephen King books on his ipod. he likes action on vacation, i like to veg with a good book.

and i love to play board games. love them. and, yep, you guessed it? he doesn’t. i love them all. scrabble. boggle. monopoly. risk. scattergories. balderdash. backgammon. cranium. trivial pusuit. i like the ones where you need to use yourr brain, and the ones that you totally don’t. skill. luck. what have you. i’m all over it. (i will warn you, though, i’m VERY competitive). he’s just…well…he’s just not interested. unless there’s sex involved. erm.

so, imagine my joy when we went to friends on sunday night to play board games (hi Howie and Devora – and Hana!) and had friends over last night to play board games (hi Aaron and Adrienne). and the husband? he didn’t complain. he didn’t fuss. he actually even seemed like he wanted to play. and he had himself a good time. imagine that.  

maybe we have more common interests than i think. maybe he’s just afraid to admit it!

Grey’s Anatomy

~bwah! Callie O’Malley. although, i do believe all credit for that line goes to the snarkwife, who called that one last week…anyone catch what her actual name was?

~okay…officially on the Addison love train. running into the OR while the men were pissing and moaning. and the oogling and licking her lips. she’s a hungry bear. she is so hot for Alex….and it’s…well, it’s hot!

~and as much as i love Addison right now…that’s about how much i want to chop Izzy up into little pieces. shut the fuck up, Izzy! Bailey is 100% right….”if i hear 8 million dollars one more time..” she needs to get out of the hospital and go back to baking muffins or something…

~Ellis Grey is my mother. and i have to say…fantastic acting on Ellen Pompeo’s part. she was amazing during that first speech to her mother.

~i know the Cristina/Burke hugging all googlywoogly-like was completely out of character for them, but it was great! made me believe that they actually DO love each other, even though she doesn’t do rings. the hell?!!

~best line of the night? when Burke and Mcdreamy pass out on the floor and Cristina says, “that’s not good.”

~they are ALL good. but this one was good, folks.

  1. I love, love board games. You can come over anytime to play with me!!!

    Comment by Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom on February 2, 2007
  2. I think this was my favourite episode of Grey’s so far. And Ellen Pompeo was fantastic. I didn’t know she had it in her.

    Comment by Jodi on February 2, 2007
  3. I totally agree about the Addison, and Izzy and calie O’malley and the best line!! Um…Ok, I agree with everything you said.

    Comment by Jay on February 2, 2007
  4. Totally agree!!! At the end all I could say was best episode EVER!!! What was up with Addison having sex again with McSteamy??? I think Callie is so cute. Just great no other words.

    Comment by Mandi on February 2, 2007
  5. Callie Iphigenia O’Malley (nee: Torres)

    you’re welcome.

    Comment by Jeff on February 2, 2007
  6. OOHH! I LOVE board games. Really all games. They are just fun to me. SO that was great that he acted interested huh? That always feels great to feel the hubs in “into” whatever I am.

    No comment on the Grey’s thing. I think I am the only girl that doesn’t watch that show! SORRY. I’ve tried and I just can’t.

    Comment by nicole on February 2, 2007
  7. I take two steps forward, you take two steps back…

    Opposites Attract, right?

    Comment by mamatulip on February 2, 2007
  8. um anyone want to play twister?or monopoly or clue or csi or…..

    Comment by LAVENDULA on February 2, 2007
  9. I won’t wear rings either – happily married nearly nine years, never worn a ring. My husband does, though. I think because Christina is a surgeon, she won’t wear things on her hands. And how evil was Meredith’s mom? Good grief.

    Comment by Rebecca on February 2, 2007
  10. Bat-shit crazy? Cracked-up shit crazy.

    And… I’ll play board games with you anytime!

    Comment by Her Bad Mother on February 2, 2007
  11. man, just reading the title of this post was enough to get me singing and bopping my head. 🙂

    Comment by lara on February 2, 2007
  12. Way to go little one! WOOHOO for sleep!!! 😀

    Comment by Stacie on February 2, 2007
  13. I love me some board games too! Cranium is my new fav…we got this delux version at Books-a-million…regular $50…for $25! It is SO much fun.

    Comment by Anna on February 2, 2007
  14. As usual had to skip over the Grey’s stuff because I haven’t watched yet. But speaking of house…my friend’s daughter is in the hospital with ulcerative colitis…she’s only 11. As my friend tried to relay the metaphor her doctor used about the white blood cell army trying to attack the colon because they don’t recognize it, I suggested that she mention the episode of House where it turned out that the kid had a twin who died in utero but part of him was still inside the kid. She had seen the episode but didn’t think it was worth mentioning to the doctor…and she has a set of twins!!!! Go figure!

    Comment by Di on February 2, 2007
  15. Literally just watched last night’s Grey’s. Great episode.

    Comment by Chris on February 2, 2007
  16. lol i did catch callies name but don’t ask me to try and spell it lol Christinas line totally made me spit my tea out lol never drink a beverage while watching this show lol

    Comment by Anne on February 3, 2007
  17. I loved your post!! I am a die hard Grey’s fan!! Thanks for the post.

    Comment by Jennifer on February 3, 2007
  18. I love this week’s Grey’s episode. It was kind of obvious that Christina would say yes after talking to Ellis Grey. I thought it was funny how McSteamy wasn’t willing to risk his own neck (and ended up with all the glory).

    Comment by thethinker on February 3, 2007
  19. I’m so glad to see someone else loving the quirkiness of Grey’s Anatomy as much as I do! I’ve come to the conclusion that they are all just crazy!

    Comment by Wendy on February 4, 2007
  20. Sometimes it is having different interests that make a relationship intersting. Good for him to try the board games party. It shows he really loves you.

    Oh, and as to your uninterrupted night. Nice. you deserved it!

    Comment by anne/crazymumma on February 4, 2007
  21. Calliope was her first name…haven’t heard that one since Days of our Lives in the mid 80s! 🙂

    Comment by Stacy on February 4, 2007
  22. I love games, too, but the huz very rarely humors me. Just today I was teaching my six year old to play checkers (at her request) and she’s pretty good. Eventually she and I will be able to play for real. Yay!

    Comment by Izzy on February 4, 2007
  23. I’m just proud of you for saying batshit crazy! I love that!

    Comment by cmhl on February 4, 2007
  24. I haven’t watched Greys yet….!!! I love a good board game. Too bad we couldn’t make this eve work…darn kids with colds!! Next time…with a great board game. And, I’m very competitive, too!!!! So, watch out!!!

    Comment by Haley-O on February 4, 2007
  25. Yay!!! Now I can relate to the topic of Greys Anatomy! I know it’s a good show & it’s been getting lots of raves, but it used to be, that it was on the same time slot as Desperate HOusewives on Sundays, so I didn’t get to watch any of it except one season’s finale where McDreamy & Meredith (that’s the name of Ellen’s character,right?)had a ‘quickie’ in one of the hospital rooms (that’s when Chris O’Donnell was on the show), and that cutie dr. (Izzy, you say?) fell in love with a patient.
    Anyway,finally,finally- I watched my 2nd full episode of the show last Thursday,and I love it and I hope from now on, I’m off work every Thursday evenings/nights just so I won’t miss any episode! I am beginning to really like Ellen Pompeo as an actress, and of course I’ve always liked Sandra Oh since I first watched her on “Sideways”.

    Comment by Gina on February 5, 2007
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