March 16 05

the goods:
Constantine – he picked a good song for him – and he was actually one of the best last night! i can’t believe i’m saying it.
Bo – i’m not a huge Bo fan, and think he will run into trouble in the weeks where he can’t pick whatever he wants, but he was really good last night.
Carrie – she’s always good. and now she’s got Simon on her side.
Nikko – all except for the last note, he was great. and he picked a song that the crowd likes – and that’s huge!
Nadia – She was good. i like her a lot.
Anwar – Good, as always. i do agree that he needs to start taking risks and having more fun.

the mehs:

Jessica – just okay. not bad. not great.
Vonzell – she was pretty good.

the bads:

Scott – creepy. bad song choice. don’t like him.
Lindsay – way to butcher a really really good song
Mikalah – i love her, but she sounded like ass last night.
Anthony – not good. he’s always way too safe. he needs to step away from the RPB’s (really pretty ballads) but he’s a fan favorite and a sob story so i don’t see him going anywhere so soon


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