March 16 05

~~okay, I’m sorry, but Bahstan Rahb is brilliant. He is the KING manipulator. He didn’t have to eat the four pounds of meat, and he convinced other teams to not eat the meat as well, assuring that he wouldn’t be eliminated. Clever. He deserves to win. And Phil loves him too.

~~can’t say I was the biggest Debbie and Bianca fan, but I give her HUGE credit for eating all that meat. Holy cow. Literally. and Patrick? i NEVER thought he’d make it.

~~I like Uchenna and Joyce, but Joyce reminds me of Gizmo from Gremlins. Or maybe slightly like Gollum.

~~And is anyone else tired of hearing about being a POW in Iraq? It’s getting old.

~~Did Lynn and Alex not win anything for coming in first?

  1. I love Bahstan Rahb. And I think Amber has actually lost weight from when this race started. (I know, complete non sequitur.)

    I like Uchenna, Joyce is okay, but you hit the nail on the head with the Gollum look alike-ness. Uchenna’s reaction to Alex’s vomit was priceless.

    Did Lynn and Alex not win anything for coming in first?

    My wife and I assumed that only the first couple of legs of the race had prizes for first place. But this is the first TAR we’ve seen, so who knows. Not us, that’s for certain.

    What is the big deal about starting out “first” if every time the teams start out they are all sent someplace that doesn’t open until all the teams have arrived, effectively making all the teams start out together? Pointless. Except for the prize money why kill yourself to come in first when you only have to keep from being eliminated? Except for the final leg of the race, why not just conserve energy?

    Comment by Sean on March 16, 2005
  2. Speaking of POW’s –
    Call the C.O. on the base and tell him I’m stuck in a bunker near 223 north outside Karbala.

    Comment by Giblet on March 17, 2005
  3. okay gooneybird…

    Comment by Ali on March 17, 2005

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