November 23 05

i’m away.
at my dad’s.
with only isabella.

and i’m having the worst time.

i hate to say that because it was so amazing of the husband to let me do this. and it was really a once in a lifetime opportunity. to be home for thanksgiving without kids. without worries.
it was supposed to be a break.

but it’s not.
i’m sick.
i think i have a brain tumor. not really. heaven forbid.
but i am so sick. i have pink eye in both eyes and my head feels like it’s going to explode. and i can’t freakin’ take anything because i’m nursing.
and isabella’s sick. so she needs to be held.
all the time.
and she cires if anyone else holds her.

i managed to get to babies r us since i realize i can’t live without the bouncy chair.
so i bought one.
and isabella fussed the entire time.
my girl who enver fusses.
she is so congested she’s not breathing well. not eating well.

i want to go home.


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