November 22 05

it’s here. there’s no denying it.
it’s Christmas.
the malls are mobbed.
the green and red are everywhere.
the gingerbread lattes have arrived at Starbucks.
and the Christmas music has started.

i listen to this one Buffalo radio station sometimes – 102.5. from the end of November through the end of Christmas, they play ONLY christmas music. i tend to not mind. why, you ask? well, here it is. i am obsessed with Christmas music. i love it. i could listen to it all year round.

with one exception.
if i have to hear Paul McCartney havin’ a wonderful christmastime one more time, i may have to shoot myself. and i swear, for some reason, it’s on every time i get in the car. the hell? it’s a horrible song.

bring on jingle bell rock. or white christmas. or winter wonderland.
bring on regis’ christmas album. or jewel’s. or hilary duff’s. (everyone’s got one.)
bring on the dean martin, the tony bennett, the perry como, the frank sinatra.

just don’t play wonderful christmastime.


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