November 24 05

not exactly…but much, much better.
isabella had a pretty good night, so i did as well.
i don’t feel like my head is going to explode anymore. thank the lord. and it’s definitely not pink eye. but it was nasty, whatever it was.

i’m looking forward to a gigantic thanksgiving dinner…although i wouldn’t exactly call it dinner…since it’s at 1 pm. and my stepmom went small this year…small meaning: me, my dad, her, my grandmother, my stepmom’s sister, her son and daughter, tony and jodi (my cousins), their two kids, jodi’s parents, jodi’s sister and husband. yes, way way small…

my stepmom and her sister hazel have been cooking for 2 days straight. no joke. they stopped for a few hours for dinner, and that was it. i helped them make 800 homemade reece’s peanut butter cups. yum. i’m so going to gain 10 pounds before i go home. the good thing, i guess, is that i really can’t taste all that much…since i’m sick my taste buds are slightly off.

and then i’m looking foward to shopping til i drop tomorrow. some stores here open at 5 am. 5 am??!!! insanity. there are so many places to go. i’m so excited. and then on sunday i hit the outlets. woohoo.


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