April 5 06

okay..it’s country week. not my favorite, obviously. but, i don’t hate country music. i mean, my family is southern, y’all. down-home southern.

the good:
~Elliott – he sang If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks. is there anything this dude can’t sing? and is it just me, or is he starting to look a lot more easy on the eyes?
~ Paris – she sang How do I Live without You by Trisha Yearwood. i thought she was great. it still blows me away that this little girl with the total baby voice has a giant set of pipes on her. i still don’t expect that sound to come out of her. she’s quite the powerhouse.
~Kellie – she sang Fancy by Reba McIntyre. she was awesome. no surprise there. she was in her element.
~Chris – he sang I’m Gonna Love You by Keith Urban. wow. he takes the judges advice and shows them he’s more than just a rocker/screamer. he can freakin’ sing too. i love him.

the meh:
~Taylor – he sang Take me Home Country Roads by John Denver. he didn’t have a seizure on stage this week, which is always a plus, but i found it a little boring.
~Mandisa – she sang Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain. girl just isn’t cut out for country.
~Katharine – she sang Bringing Out The Elvis in Me by Faith Hill. just meh.

the bad:
~Ace – he sang I Wanna Cry by Keith Urban. and boy do i ever. want to cry. Ace was all over the place with that song. and he’s singing way too much out of his nose. i can’t handle the falsetto.
~Bucky – he sang The Best I Ever Had by Vertical Horizon. i’m sorry. i disagree with everyone on this. he should have knocked this one out of the park. and he didn’t. and he can’t pull off the smoldering sexy look he tried to do at the end there. ew. send Bucky home, please.

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