April 5 06

it’s good news all around today.

my stepdad won his election. he’s now the mayor. you hear that! i’m the mayor’s daughter. i just went up a notch in cool-ness. and i can speed all i want in Milwaukee now, which is always a big plus.

isabella woke up DRY this morning. at 8:20. i ran around the city yesterday – like a lunatic – searching for overnights…apparently, they don’t sell them in Toronto. so, i opted for size 4 huggies supreme. they were giant on her. but there were no leaks. yay.

last night i watched lords of dogtown. i wanted to see it. but i knew that the husband wouldn’t. so i watched it solo. and it was good. i mean, yes, obviously the acting wasn’t oscar-worthy, although Heath Ledger (he’s my boy) pulled off a flawless drunken 70’s Californian to perfection, but it was good. maybe it was because my brother was a total skateboarding FREAK in the 80’s. maybe it was because the cast was full of not-too-familiar familiar faces – sadie from the OC, johnny knoxville, young william from Almost Famous.

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