August 18 04

OOOOh my god, it’s early!

it was actually 4:45 when Joshua decided to wake up. The big mistake that we made was letting him get into bed with us. Then it was all over. “Mama! Dada! Where’s Emma? I want milk! Milk! Milk! tv! blue? bed. Mama bed!” you get the idea…this is what we heard until 6:30 this morning….ah!!

All i can say is…thank the lord for coffee. I wouldn’t be functioning this morning without it. and i went all out this morning for the large $1.43 coffee. I mean, really, who charges $1.43 for coffee? they’d be better off with $1.50. nice round number. now, i have to fish out the 43 cents every morning. what a pain in the arse.


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