August 17 04

Okay…so, I don’t eat properly with my fork and knife.
The “European way” is cutting with your knife in your right hand and eating with your fork in your left hand. no swtiching hands to eat. Tines on the fork are pointed downward towards the plate.
The “American way” is to cut with the right hand and then switch your fork over to right hand and scoop the food up with the tines pointed upward, using the fork as some sort of shovel.
My way is to hold my knife in my left hand and my fork in my right hand. I don’t really use my knife to cut, but to sort of hold the food down while i use my fork to “cut” the food. i know it probably doesn’t make any sense when you read it, but it’s a little bit…how shall we say…terrible looking.

i’m thinking that chopsticks might be the way to go for me…

  1. Hi Ali,
    I just stumbled upon your blog here, and just would like to tell you that I like the way it looks and how you write. I’ll definitely be back to check out more.

    restlessly, who eats however she likes, most of the time. 🙂

    Comment by Anonymous on August 18, 2004
  2. Thanks! You made my day!

    Comment by Ali on August 18, 2004

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