May 16 05

the girl got herself a day off today.
but the way i look at it, it’s really a punishment for both her and my nanny.

i really don’t understand. it’s quite simple actually. i have the kids from the time they wake up until 8 every morning. i give them breakfast and get emily dressed. then, from 8-8:40, Jhoanne is supposed to help the girl get things ready, aka, put her shoes on, her jacket etc. I AM NOT TO BE BOTHERED.

but, alas, every morning, at about 5 after 8, the girl is banging on my door or screaming her head off – or a combination of the two.

so, this morning she was having a fit about wearing her dress-up shoes to school and being too hot in what she was wearing. i told her and if she and jhoanne couldn’t figure out how to get her ready for 8:40, i was going to leave without her.

and that’s just what i did.

but, there were a few rules. no tv, except for Dora and Boobah (the two shows Emily refuses to watch). no treats. no snacks other than fruits or vegetables. and no beads.

maybe the two of them will learn their lessons today.


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