June 7 07

as usual, i’m the last to know….apparently, the parent bloggers network is looking for tales from the school cafeteria. i couldn’t figure out why so many of my favorite bloggers were all in sync yesterday. yes, i am that slow. and illiterate, apparently. i have no qualms about being late to the party…

when i think about school cafeterias, there are two specific high schools that come to mind, and mine is not one of them.

Rydell High.

and East High.

where eating lunch is an experience (and a workout). the soundtrack of your life plays in the background and everyone gets up to sing and dance. jocks and brainiacs and outcasts and just about everyone joins together in song. there are no lunch ladies or bad food or lonely girls forced to eat their lunches in bathroom stalls.

my high school, in fact, was nothing like this. it was, well, if i’m being honest – boring. i sat with my friends. from day 1. we ogled over boys. we ate what the lunch man (there were no lunch ladies at ICJA…but he did wear an awesome hairnet) served. he spoke only one word of English. when you asked for your pasta, he said, “sauce?” (a word that still makes me giggle…and also makes me want to hurl when i remember that nasty sauce that tasted like kimmel, served over overcooked pasta. ew) we sat in the same spot every day – with my posse (yes, that is in fact what people called us in those days….’the posse’…a term we both hated and loved at the same time).

and then, as soon as the first of us got a licence (me) and a car (me again) we left the cafeteria and never looked back. lunches were spent at starbucks or dunkin donuts or Jeruslem Pizza or Tel Aviv Pizza (yes, all the pizza places in Chicago are named after cities in Israel…bizarre, i realize, but they had the best cheese fries in town…mmm…cheese fries).

i wonder, though, if life were actually like Rydell high or East High…what would we have bene singing? what would have been the soundtrack of my life? what would yours have been?

  1. Hi Ali- you probably already know this, but I saw your blog mentioned in May’s Canadian Living! So cool!

    Comment by Joscelyn on June 7, 2007
  2. When I was a kid I watched the movie Fame and was completely convinced that was what highschool was all about. That all of a sudden everyone in the cafeteria would break out in song and dance (like your two up there). Unfortunately mine was pretty much the same as yours, boring with occassional excitement.

    Comment by Melina on June 7, 2007
  3. BTW no Thursday Thirteen I was all excited, guess I’ll have to do my own again.

    Comment by Melina on June 7, 2007
  4. I went to a private high school so we weren’t allowed to leave for lunch. I feel gypped. 🙂

    Comment by AndreAnna on June 7, 2007
  5. Starbucks wasn’t even invented when I was in high school…as a matter of fact, the people who dreamed up Starbucks probably weren’t even born yet! god, I’m old!

    Comment by Di on June 7, 2007
  6. Hm. I have no really excellent high school cafeteria memories, tragically – just sitting there eating a sandwich. By the time I was 17 or so, I wasn’t eating lunch there anymore – but since this was Northern Ontario, we ate at little dive restuarants. Big improvement!

    Comment by Rebecca on June 7, 2007
  7. If my High School was anything like those two places we would say 2 things.

    One-“Hey where did the chicks come from”
    two-“the priests are so gonna kick our butts”

    Comment by Sparky Duck on June 7, 2007
  8. Only geeks had lunch in the cafeteria at my high school. I don’t think I EVER ONCE ate there….

    Comment by Haley-O on June 7, 2007
  9. Well I had the pleasure of attending 3 different high schools. One in Ontario where we’d hang out in the caf to play euchre. I then attended two high schools here in Cowtown. I was too cool to bring a lunch at the first one and any and all money was spent on smokes. Then I got even cooler and dropped out. Gawd, what was I thinking??? Anyways I did end up going back to a new high school and hanging with ‘the crew’ as we called ourselves. Once again way too cool to bring my lunch but this time I had one of those job thingys where I could actually afford to buy my lunch at Edo Japan everyday and smoke. So, I guess I don’t have any great high school cafeteria moments after all. The hot movie of my graduating year was that Michelle Pfeiffer one with Gangsta’s Paradise where she’s the teacher in the rough neighbourhood…that could probably have been a fitting soundtrack for ‘the crew’.

    Comment by Lesley on June 7, 2007
  10. Cafeteria lunches… brings back memories. We were fortunate to be in Arizona and have the option of going outside to eat. I do remember when the brought in PizzaHut and Taco Bell to sell in the cafeteria. With all the junk food bans now days, that wouldn’t go over so well.

    Comment by Melissa on June 7, 2007
  11. I was so naive in high school. So naive. Memories…Anyways, I didn’t even know what Starbucks was…let alone what coffee was. That was probably a sin back then.

    Comment by Fenicle on June 7, 2007
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