October 22 04

Q1: What’s the most annoying part of your job?

probably when there’s nothing to do. I have to sit around and try to look busy.

Q2: We’ve all done it… misplaced the remote control or lost a wallet or purse. What situation stands out in your mind as being one of the most difficult as a result of you having lost or misplaced something?

wallet. definitely wallet. I lost it when i was in israel for the year without any family members and i had to replace all of my documents from israel. what a pain in the arse.

Q3: What’s the best investment of time, money, resources, or emotions you’ve ever made?

my kids. hands down.

Q4: How much do your religious beliefs influence the way you vote in local and national elections?

I’m thinking that my religious beliefs affect everything I do to some extent.

  1. 1. Working with friends who are slack and you need them to do stuff for you but you have to wait and wait and you can’t even say something (except jokingly) because they’re your friends.

    2. wallet wallet wallet wallet wallet wallet – although when someone broke into my car and stole my purse and my messenger bag thing – it was the journal I’d been writing in for years that I still miss most. At least you can replace the documents in your wallet… 🙁

    3. my kid, of course, so outside of her – competitive gymnastics. (even though you have to retire so young)

    4. actually, I don’t think they influence my voting b/c I STERNLY believe in separation of chuch and state. It doesn’t matter to me what religious beliefs candidates do or don’t have.

    Comment by chisparoja on October 22, 2004
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