October 22 04

Here’s a photo I thought you men would enjoy…

I really think that she looks like a man, and doesn’t have a very nice face. But, i understand the appeal that there’s a tennis player who actually has a good body – not huge bulging muscle legs like the Williams sisters.

  1. A much cuter Russian tennis star. And this one has actually won a tournament.

    Comment by Sean on October 22, 2004
  2. i can’t believe you actually put a link like this on your blog. i don’t know much about you since this is the first time i have been to your blog. a good friend of mine recommended your blog to me. this link raises the question: why do men get some sick pleasure out of seeing famous women athletes half naked? i wonder if women yearn to see roger federer or andre agassi butt naked? or better yet peter hamm dangling from the high bars in nothing but his birthday suit? having women athletes judged by their sex appeal only diminishes their accomplishments and perpetuates female “T&A” images so prevalent in our culture. by spreading this type of link you only help perpetuate the sexist stereotypes our culture has of women. also what should a women athlete look like? maybe our idea of feminity and our images of the female physique need to change. i personally find the william sisters powerfully beautiful women… our adulation of thin, non-muscular, bosomy women or petitely breasty women with cute little butts will eventually become as antiquated as the soon to be defunct Miss American pagent.

    Comment by Eric O. on October 24, 2004
  3. um…i hate to break the news, but most men that i know get sick pleasure out of seeing any women naked – not only famous women athletes.

    Comment by Ali on October 25, 2004
  4. Eric needs to get a grip and relax. As he so aptly pointed out, this is Ali’s sight. She can post about/link to anything she chooses.

    I for one agree with her. I think Kournekova (not checking the spelling – sue me) has an attractive body, but that’s about as far as it goes. She is not cute, especially in the photo posted.

    I wouldn’t call it a “sick pleasure” to see naked women. Men are men – the straight ones are attracted to beautiful women. Of course we like to see them naked. It’s only natural to enjoy that.

    Comment by Sean on October 25, 2004
  5. although out of character for me i will restain myself and limit my responds to both ali and sean. (i was going to say i would refrain from responding but that would have been totally out of character for me) i am new to this blog but i can see that this blog is mostly a family friendly, warm and fuzzy community blog so to injection any sense of political or philosophical integrity maybe out of line. but heck… i could not live with myself if i let this go. look around and you will see how female sexuality is used to both to manipulate men and imprison women. yes i love the beauty of the female form. but too often this adoration has been used by our society to define women as nothing but sexual objects for male pleasure. 0ur culture has used female beauty as a weapon against women to limit their opportunies and to brainwash them into only looking at themselves as sexual objects. look around at our commericals, our music,our movies etc…
    it is real easy to dismiss all this by simply saying “eric needs to get a grip” but every time these images are innocently passed around we all help perpetuate this sexist bias against women… and don’t think women are the only ones hurt by this… us men are also because we never learn how to relate to women as human beings and our intellectual and personal equals and partners… too often we most of our female relationships only in terms of their sexual component…it all becomes a game of sex and sexual manipulation…. i will get a grip when this cultural sexual assaults and bias imagery are a thing of the past…

    ok i might be a little sensitive having two daughters…. i am so proud that both of them are seeing thru this and have no qualms about confronting these disgusting sexist attitudes…by the way my youngest daughter who is an advent tennis player thinks that the williams sisters are the boss (ok i am showing my age) but you get the idea…

    by the way i lied … i could not limit my comments… sorry

    Comment by Eric O. on October 25, 2004
  6. Eric – I’m truly sorry if I offended you in any way.

    I actually just thought it was funny (especially because it’s most likely fake). I posted it because a while back when she was on the cover of Maxim (yes, my husband has a subscription…and yes, i enjoy reading it, and yes, i don’t feel badly about that) I kept joking around that I didn’t see the appeal. all the men in the room thought i was nutty for thinking that so it became a bit of a joke. when i saw the photo online, i thought i’d post it.

    I honestly don’t feel that I need to justify anything i put on my blog – since it’s exactly that, my blog. I hope that people who are reading keep coming back, because that makes me happy. I wouldn’t keep writing if people weren’t reading. and, Eric, i hope that you keep reading, but if you don’t, there’s nothing i can do about that.

    Comment by Ali on October 26, 2004
  7. I enjoy viewing naked mammals on any site. Keep up the good work. 3 cheers from the rivah.

    Dr. H. O. Potamus

    Comment by Hippo on November 21, 2004
  8. Ali, I realize this is an old post and doubt Eric will see this, but who knows? I only came to by going through the log of visitor paths to my blog.

    Eric, you have jumped the shark with your long winded response. “0ur culture has used female beauty as a weapon against women to limit their opportunies and to brainwash them into only looking at themselves as sexual objects. look around at our commericals, our music,our movies etc…You have gone from having a problem with (possibly) exploitative nude photographs, and the “sex sells” atmosphere of today’s advertising, to deriding our culture for valuing beauty. You may not realize this but people with physical beauty have remarkable power to make other people happy. Normally I link this type of stuff but I’m in a hurry. The fact is that if you allow a person with physical beauty to shine they literally brighten other people’s days.

    You seem to think that celebrating beauty is a bad thing. I get the impression from reading your post that you dress your two daughters in Taliban-style robes covering them from head to toe so that no man may view them as a sexual object. I can understand not wantint to advance photos or other media that are exploitative, and therefore damaging. The damage is done, as you say, not only to the women that are the subject matter of the particular media but also to the women that consume the particular media.

    That is not to say that any depiction of physical beauty, clothed or nude, is in and of itself exploitative. The statue of David is a nude, and not exploitative or harmful. There are many depictions of nudes and semi-nudes in art – old and new – that are neither exploitative or harmful. Would you ban these?

    I’m shocked that you would express ideas that beauty is somehow bad – or maybe its just the idea that the expression of beauty in any type of pulic fora is somehow bad. This is why I think you need to get a grip. I am extremely conservative, and I understand the difference between art and exploitation.

    Beauty is, well…beautiful. It should be celebrated. You can disagree, as I’m sure you will. But maybe you should expand your horizons. Nobody is brainwashed. Women want to look beautiful, and want to feel beautiful. Why? Because we are wired to respond to beauty. We viscerally respond to beauty in others, and respond to it in ourselves.

    Comment by Sean on November 22, 2004
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