October 21 04

the styles that are in right now:
ribbon belts.
flower pins.
clunky jewelery.

they are all the rage. It seems that we are moving from the edgy 80’s styles (which didn’t even look good in the 80’s) to a more flirty 50’s style. Shoes are going round toe – not pointy, pencil skirts are replacing mini skirts, and higher waists are replacing low riders.

but there are some trends i’m still not sold on. I’m wearing my new fishnets (nude) for the first time. it’s an experiment. My sister said they are all the rage. So, i figured i’d try them out. I’m not 100% sold on them yet. so far so good, but no promises.

then there’s the poncho. this is one i can not deal with. ponchos do not flatter anyone’s figure in any sort of way. Except maybe someone who is postpartum and is trying to hide a post-baby tummy. To me they seem like a big ole rain tent. I don’t think i’ll be giving in to that trend.

seems this fall we will be seeing lots of animal prints and fur. hmm…not quite sure about those either.

and what’s with the super short jackets. I can’t handle those. The capelet. Those might be worse than the ponchos. blech.

and uggs. I say uggs are fuggly. i will never wear them. you heard that here first.

and brooches. those make me think of one word – grandmother.

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