October 4 04

After a vacation from hell….more about that to come…I decided that today was going to be the start of a really good week. I’m putting my best foot forward and smiling. And then, the bomb drops. I am getting all my stuff together to leave for work this morning and my nanny turns to me and says, “You’ve gained weight.” just like that. I had been slightly on the excited side because i had gotten on the scale just a few hours before and i hadn’t gained any weight while we were away. So, i told her just that. I said, “Well, according to my scale I haven’t gained any weight, so maybe it’s just the outfit.” and she said, “No, you’ve definitely gained weight. Your stomach looks big.” I could just crawl up in a hole and die. Most people at least have the tact to lie to you when you ask them if you look bigger. But, I didn’t even ask. She just offered up the information. Thanks.

  1. What?!?!?! Does she want to get fired? I can’t even believe the words left her lips, let alone went on about it telling you where you gained weight. I don’t know, being she does your laundry sort of saves her however I would write that down in her “file” if you ever need a reason to get rid of her!

    Comment by Anonymous on October 4, 2004
  2. The problem is that as much as i was insulted, she totally didn’t mean to be hurtful at all. different cultures. that’s all it is. she has no idea that i was almost in tears the entire way to work that morning!

    Comment by Ali on October 5, 2004
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