September 28 04

Take this test.

I come from a family that is completely split down the middle. My dad and stepmom, who live in Atlanta, are hardcore Republican Bush supporters. My mom and stepdad, who live in Milwaukee, are hardcore Democrats.

I’m basing my vote on the issues. I have so many friends who say, “Well, I’m a democrat, so I’m voting for Kerry.” or “my parents are voting for Bush, so I am voting for him.” The voting age is 18. The US government feels that individuals who have reached the voting age have the capacity to make an informed decision. So, get informed. If you don’t know who to vote for, take the test and find out.

and make sure you vote!!

  1. I took the test and scored 78% leaning towards Kerry. Glad to see Bush only met 13% of my criteria. I have much to learn about the issues but this made me more aware of the issues rather than whose running for what political party. ~Sara

    Comment by Anonymous on September 28, 2004
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