March 5 16

There’s no excuse for it, really. I knew this. I know this.

I’ve read the literature. I’ve shared the videos. I’ve felt the gut-punch.

And yet.

And yet. 

I’d just check that one message coming in, it was probably important. I’d just quickly read that one email from a client, the light was red. I’d just send that what’sapp message to let my husband know what the plan for that evening was. I’d just respond quickly to that customer in Louisiana whose garbage didn’t get picked up that morning.

I don’t know. I guess as someone who has a very flexible, very full life, I always feel like I need to be available all the time. It’s ridiculous, really. Because I know full well that my co-workers can wait. My clients can wait. My customers in Louisiana can wait. My husband can wait.

But I’d still just check it super quickly at a red light. Or at a stop sign when no cars were around.

But then —

“Mama, it makes me uncomfortable when you use your phone in the car. Even at stoplights. Aren’t we more important than your work?”

— This happened.

And she’s right. She’s 100% right.

I carry around precious cargo in my car — their names are Emily, Joshua, and Isabella. And absolutely NOTHING coming in on my cell phone is more important than they are.


So from now on you will all just have to wait. Because when I’m driving, I’m not available to chat, unless you are in the car with me.




  1. Thank you! So well said. I’ve shared on my Facebook. Everyone should remember this. I make a point not to. It can be tempting but it’s just not worth it.

    Comment by Katy on March 5, 2016
  2. A friend of mine keeps her purse and cell phone in the backseat so she’s not even tempted. And she has always done this as a model for her kids who are driving now…and as a result, they keep their phones in the backseat too.

    Comment by Alison on March 5, 2016

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