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Do you have a favourite John Hughes movie? Do you like podcasts? You definitely want to check out the newest episode of my podcast, Without A Paddle. It’s Dawson’s Creek meets pop culture meets whatever is going through my neighbors’ brains when I stuff them full of alcohol and the crunchiest snacks and hello, shameless self promotion. Also it’s free! And on iTunes! And mostly funny!

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I actually, random fact, once wrote a post about picking a favourite ’80s movie but it was in 2012 and I seriously can’t move past Some Kind of Wonderful because of *that* kissing scene.  Oh my. But, I mean, as long as I’m admitting this—it’s not an ’80s movie—but the kiss in the rain in Match Point is my all-time favourite kiss in a movie ever.

“We should go for a late-night Starbucks run!” says my daughter, at 10:04pm.

You guys, I have destroyed my children.

I have passed on some wonderful traits — Emily has my determination and work ethic, Joshua has my sarcasm and love of The Packers, and Isabella got my entrepreneurial spirit (and my face too!) — but none of them sleep. Ever.

The other night, my husband and I were both home on the same night (Miracle!) and so we decided to watch Bridge of Spies but somehow all of my children were in my bedroom at 11:30 at night and we paused the movie for a MILEY CYRUS MEETS ONEDERS DANCE PARTY. I wish I could make this stuff up. We have great fun in our family and goodness we laugh so much, but sleep is just not a thing that happens for any of us.

We did end up finishing Bridge of Spies at an ungodly hour. It was really good. Also good? The show Life in Pieces. Apparently I’m on a Hanks men kick these days.

I truly wish I could use my insomnia to solve the energy crisis or cure a disease (even though I can’t even win Pandemic) or write a novel or finish my book club book or run a few miles or edit photos or catch up on work, but no, instead I do stupid things like watch dumb youtube videos and wonder who Ben on The Bachelor is going to pick and count how many minutes of sleep I’d get if I fell asleep NOW. Or NOW. Or NOW. It’s basically counting sheep.

Emily studies! Josh reads! Isabella does art projects!

At least. 

Maybe I’ll just start a new podcast.

Or wonder why we don’t compliment people more. It is such a day-lifter when I receive an unsolicited compliment. We really should do it more often. Just little things. Your hair looks amazing. I love your necklace. These chocolate chip cookies you made are divine. Tell me where you got that sweater! It’s so, so easy.

Or try to figure out how I can wear sweats — or jammies, I’m not picky — for the rest of my days.


Or make that late-night Starbucks run.

Relax, I kid.

  1. I can’t believe I’m regularly in bed, asleep, before all your children. I love sleep! Ha!

    Comment by Kristabella on March 15, 2016
  2. Why don’t they love it. Why WHY?

    Comment by ali on March 15, 2016

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