February 22 07

***Edits below…you know you were waiting for my grey’s recap***

#1 from Jennifer: I am dying to know…How much do you weigh? No more X’s. As of awhile ago you were 8 pounds up when you tried South Beach. i was 8 pounds up from 102…which is weight i want to be at. so…i was at 110 when i started and when i went off south beach. right now i weigh somewhere between 107 and 109…depending on the day. good enough??? how’s that for a little honesty to get the party started??!!

#2 from Anna: what are your favorite kind of jeans?? my favorite jeans are the ones that fit well in all the right places. 🙂 my favorite pair of jeans that i ever had came from the kids’ section at old navy. they were perfect. i wore them until they had holes in the knees. but…i do love me some expensive designer jeans too. i had a gorgeous pair of citizens of humanitys that fit me like a glove….until i lost my baby weight. anyone want a pair of 28’s? i prefer a flare or bootcut…and i like dark jeans. abercrombie makes good jeans.

#3 from Anne: If there was one person you could go back and apologize to, who would it be? i’m not sure. maybe Melanie. the girl i got kicked out of school. i would apologize to my tenth grade English teacher, Ms. Baker, for lying to her about reading The Grapes of Wrath. i didn’t read it. i read every other chapter.

#4 from mamatulip: Have you ever been arrested? Have you ever come close to being arrested? no ma’am. i have not. see…i told y’all i’m a good girl 🙂

#5 from sarah: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (career, house, city etc) in ten years i’ll be (gasp!) almost 39. Emily will be almost 16…so i’ll likely be locked up in a padded room somewhere. relax, i kid. i’m not sure. bigger house. nicer furniture. i’d love to be living in Atlanta…

#6 from sarah: What is the one thing that you do for yourself, not you as mom or wife or friend, but just for you that makes you happiest? going to the gym makes me happy. i can be good to my body AND watch my y&r without my three kids begging for my immediate attention. i don’t have to talk to anyone. i don’t have to pour anyone a drink and i don’t have to wipe anyone’s ass. it’s quite lovely.

#7 from lara: if you could bring anyone back from the dead, but to do so would have to kill someone (personally and directly) would you do it? if so, who would you bring back? i’d bring back my husband’s best friend Audey, who died when he was only 21. do i have to decide who dies to bring him back? i’d kill Ellis Grey.

#8 from lara: there are a lot of blogger awards out there these days. if you were going to make up an award, what award would you make and to whom would you give it? how about if you were going to give yourself one? oooh….an award. this is a great question. such a hard one. maybe i’d give a blogger award to the blog i’m most addicted to? you know, one that i check even though my bloglines says there’s nothing new (bloglines has lied to me in the past, you know….). i’d probably give it to becca. she is one of the first bloggers i found…and i love everything about her. she’s an amazing writer, person, and mom. when she went on a little hiatus, i went through withdrawal. if i could give one to myself? um…maybe the funniest blog from a person who is completely un-funny in real life??!!!

#9 from lara: how long do you think it will take you to answer all these questions? too long, miss. mostly due to your blogger award question….so, thanks for that!

#10 from Mike: What’s the first thing that you tell yourself when you face the bathroom mirror in the morning? “self, you need to get your fuckin’ roots done.” i tell myself this every single day. one of these days, i’ll actually get around to it.

#11 from jen v: How did you meet your husband and was he also 20 when you got married? we met in camp, when we were on staff. he was 23 when we got married.

#12 from jen v: How did your parents react when you told them you were getting married so young? they were not as upset as i thought they’d be. my dad was all “you know this means that you’ll now be on his credit card and not mine” and my mom was all excited to plan the wedding of her dreams.

#13 from jev: What was the most you have ever weighed (9th month of pregnancy not included) and what was the least (as an adult)? not including pregnancies, the most i’ve weighed is 129 pounds. that was how much i weighed after three months in israel. i left weighing 100 pounds. yes, i gained 29 pounds in 3 months eating nothing but bread and cake. mmm…cake. the least i’ve weighed as an adult was 94, which i weighed 7 months after Emily was born.

so…Antonella sees another day…and Paul kim needs to put his shoes back on….and the OC ends its series with an awesome final 20 minutes….Julie goes back to school! Seth and Summer get married!….and i really couldn’t even care one bit about survivor…but Sylvia bites the dust (shocking. who’s sylvia, you ask?) and Papa Smurf joins the Michael Skupin Survivor medic club…and i always love the gross food eating challenge (hairy pig snout anyone?)

now…onto something more important..

Grey’s Anatomy

so, yes, i knew who was going to die. i knew it was Ellis. i also knew that Meredith would meet up with her in “purgatory”, where girls bleed for no reason, and make amends. spoilers suck balls, i tell you. Shonda Rhimes is going to kick my friend Sarah’s ass…

the good: Izzy finally admitting that she’s wrong about something and that everything isn’t always about Izzy, Crisitina in the dollar store, Coach Taylor, Webber saying goodbye to Ellis and telling her that he died his hair for the ladies, burke telling Cristina to say goodbye to her person, cristina holding on to meredith’s feet, bailey!bailey! bailey! i loves me some Bailey!, Mcdreamy all Mcsobby….and Addison pulling him together.

the bad: Callie saying that everyone around Izzy was dying. i like Callie…why did she need to go there?, Meredith not telling Derek that she loved him when she woke up, Mere coming out completely healthy after being dead for several hours,  a possible Alex/jane doe hookup – did he not learn from Denny and Izzy?

  1. yay – i’m glad you answered. i’m thinking of instituting weekly awards where i just praise blogs for whatever i deem praiseworthy. my own little award ceremony. 🙂 your first award can be “best question-answerer” – yay you!

    Comment by lara on February 23, 2007
  2. Ugh! The most you’ve ever weighed is 129??? I was 134 before both babies and gained 50 with #1 and 40 with #2. I’m about 140 now and if I was ever within a pound or two of 130 I would feel like a waif!

    Comment by Di on February 23, 2007
  3. Your blog is my favorite blog. I am also showing it to other people.

    Comment by Dawn on February 23, 2007
  4. I love y&r too….!

    Comment by Janet a.k.a Wonder Mom on February 23, 2007
  5. I hope that you’re five feet tall, Ali! I outweigh you by nearly half.

    Comment by Rebecca on February 23, 2007
  6. I’m glad that you did this, Ali, because I’ve learned a lot about you. 🙂

    And I gotta go check out becca. If you say it’s good it’s gotta be good.

    Comment by mamatulip on February 23, 2007
  7. If you ever wanna try some new jeans..these are my favs. BKE (from The Buckle..not sure if you have one of those)…and Lucky’s….I just bought a new pair of Lucky’s..and looooooove them. I am 5’8”, so I have to have jeans that are long enough…which isn’t always an easy task. I think its funny that your favorite pair of jeans were kids sizes….hahahaha!!!! You must be TINY. Too funny.

    Comment by Anna on February 23, 2007
  8. NOW we know why Meredith’s mother died last night!

    Oh wait you posted this after Grey’s ended. I’m confused.

    Comment by SciFi Dad on February 23, 2007
  9. And…Mere was only dead for an hour…according to Bailey…anyone can come back from THAT. 😉

    Comment by Stacy on February 23, 2007
  10. she was only mostly dead.

    Comment by Jon on February 23, 2007
  11. Such language! LOL 😉

    Comment by Stacie on February 23, 2007
  12. You must be SO little. Kids jeans? I don’t think I even wore them when I was still a kid. HA. 94 pounds as an adult??? WOW!! Again, maybe I weighed that in the 9th grade. 🙂 How tall are you?

    Comment by nicole on February 23, 2007
  13. WOW, you are brave to answer all these questions. I am not sure I could be so open about everything in my life. Even though I pretty much lay it all on the line….I am sure that there would be someone who would ask a question I didn’t want to answer.

    Comment by Iris on February 23, 2007
  14. You’d better be 4’8″, you skinny bitch.

    Comment by Beth on February 23, 2007
  15. I am so glad you answered all the questions. My curiousity is over. Thank you. 5’1 1/2 and 110 is really good. I was always 5’1 3/4 and 107 until I had 2 kids. I have 23 more pounds to go after losing 37 pounds. But I will be happy at 120 so I have 10 more pounds to go. Lets see how far I get.

    Comment by jennifer on February 23, 2007
  16. Love greys lol Callie was upset I don’t know why izzy gives her a hard time

    Comment by Anne on February 24, 2007
  17. according to my friend, Nichole, who is a doctor, they were very accurate with that episode of Grey’s. that, like the Chief said, you aren’t dead until you’re warm & dead, because the cold actually preserves the organs from the damages they would normally suffer. and also, that with a situation like that, miracles do happen. they picked a possible way to make a miracle happen — and if she says so, i believe her, because as much as she loves Grey’s, she is often very critical about accuracy (or their occasional lack thereof).i loved that episode of Grey’s. of course, that may be because i get the character of Meredith…

    Comment by Dawn on February 24, 2007
  18. Love the Grey’s re-cap every week.
    Have a good rest of your weekend.

    Comment by BendingPeak on February 24, 2007
  19. I can’t believe how little you weigh. You’re such a bitch! 😉

    Comment by Haley-O on February 25, 2007
  20. Learn something new everyday 😉

    Comment by Chris on February 26, 2007

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