March 17 05

~~just when i thought Survivor couldn’t get any better…there was nothing more awesome than ulong having to watch in agony as koror ate – no devoured – their stew and biscuits. oh, wait, yes, there was something better – Ibrehem getting immunity and the entire tribe panicking because they hadn’t discussed any other options….ha! that was fantastic!

~~feelin’ a little love for Coby for saying that they shouldn’t gloat and rub it in, but then Ian has to go and do a happy song and dance…

~~how come the black people on survivor can’t swim? (remember Osten?)

~~VERY classy exit on Willard’s part. i was impressed.

~~By the way, Tom, what’s the square root of Willard?

~~poor Angie – i would have rather seen James (and his awful underpants) sent packin’, and what were they thinking voting for Bobby Jon? do they WANT to lose?

~~Janu is scary.

  1. Girl, you need Haloscan!! Blogger is being a butthead! LOL

    Every single thing you said about Survivor, I had the same exact thoughts. It was the Best. Survivor. Ever.

    Comment by Queen Of Pink on March 17, 2005
  2. Good episode, next weeks will be a shocker… (I missed the preview, but they say that every week) I dread the return of Wanda, but I fear it is imminent.

    Comment by Jon on March 17, 2005

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