May 18 06

satisfying ending for me. truth is, i liked all three final 3 teams and would have been happy with any of them winning. i did like that it came down to brains in the end, though.

“Damn hippies and their language knowing” he.

“I’ll tell Michael you said hello.” was hilarious.

and Tyler on the rolle coaster…”I’m regurgitating crickets!”

bwah. in the capsule room “I hope I don’t wake up and it’s 1972.”

Jeremy saying “It’s swan time!” and talking about his time on the high school Swan Boat Team, then cut to him picking his nose.

oh, Phil, how i love you and your turtlenecks…

* * * * *

on a separate note, i’ve been getting emails about my non-recap of American Idol.
i’m a big old baby and i’m still mad at America. and now i’m even madder, because Elliot is gone too…i really wanted an Elliot/Chris final 2. but, i’ll be honest and tell you that both Katharine and Taylor brought their A games on Tuesday and were better than Elliot. so, here’s to not giving a crap as to who wins American Idol 5.


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