May 18 06

I usually try not to write too much about work.
because you NEVER know who can be reading. and being dooced? It’s just not high on my to-do list these days. Because once I got dooced, I’d be getting divorced. Also not on my to-do list.

but, I have to write to you about my little office affair.
(tsk tsk…you people have such dirty minds…)
his name is Erling and he’s Norwegian. And he’s hot.
at least I assume he’s hot.
I’ve never met him.
but we are working together to get his arctic sculpin underwater shots into our Extreme Animals book.

it all started so innocently.
can I use your photos? how much will it cost me? what sort of credit would you like in the book?
then it moved on to emails about Norwegian National Holidays and babies holding flags of Norway. oh, and he keeps teaching me Norwegian words. like takk, which means thank you, and bilde, which means picture.

it’s totally hot.

and today? for no reason?
he sent me some free photos.
just like that. He totally wants me.


also. Someone freakin’ stole my recycling bin.
what the fuck? who does that, really?
maybe if I tell Erling, he’ll come here and bust some ass.


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