May 5 05

Here it is, folks!
The home stretch.
The lovely third trimester.

so, this is my third pregnancy, and for the third time, i am carrying the baby high (so don’t start guessing if it’s a girl or a boy, since i have one of each…). I don’t experience that frequent need to pee. heck, i don’t even get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom!!!!

what i do have, however, is a 2 1/2 pound hula dancer living somewhere around my lungs and ribcage. i can’t breathe. ever. i am constantly trying to physically push my stomach down do i can expand my torso and give myself a little breathing room. yah, in case you were wondering, it doesn’t really work. all it does it make my co-workers laugh.

well..speaking of boy or girl…what do you guys think it is???
to give you some old wives help….
1)the heartbeat is fast
2) my stomach looks neither like a watermelon nor like a basketball – – it actually just looks like flabby-flab
3)i’m carrying high
4)i prefer the middle of the bread – not the heel
5)baby is VERY active
6)i’m craving mexican, chinese, and sushi. oh, and frozen yogurt. so, that’s both sweet and salty.
7)my skin is awful…
8)but my ass is still awesome 🙂
9)i would show you my hands palm up
10) i’ve only had one pregnancy dream and the baby was a boy.

anyone want to take a guess????


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