January 6 06

so, yesterday i did something i NEVER do.
Sharon and i went to see a movie.
in the middle of the day.

we were expecting the theater to be completely empty…after all, it was 1:20 in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, but alas, it was packed. and since i have the habit of having the.worst.luck.ever, i was sitting next to a woman who took out a surgical mask in the middle of the movie and put it on her face. clearly, i’m going to catch something.


this morning, the boy called to me from the bathroom:

“Mommy! Where does Dorothy take a bath?” Dorothy is our fish. who we can’t manage to kill. she’s been with us fo over 3 years. that’s a long time for a fish that we won at a carnival.
“In her fishbowl sweetie.”
“Where’s her soap?”
“She doesn’t need any.”
“Then how does she get clean?”
“She’s a fish. she just doesn’t need any soap.”
“But why?”
“I don’t know.”
“So, she gets clean without soap?” you can see where this is going…
“I guess.”
“Well, if she doesn’t need soap, i don’t need soap.”
“Joshie, my dear, once you’ve grown some fins and scales, you no longer need soap in the bath.”

that settled that. for now.


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