January 5 06

i don’t understand why from the time she wakes up in the morning until the time she goes to bed at night all she wants to do is eat.

is this normal?

she had breakfast at 8.
then she had pretzels at 9.
it’s now 10:30, and for the past 1/2 an hour she’s been asking for treats. i’ve already explained to her that a ‘treat’ is not a reasonable request and that if she’s hungry she can have a vegetable, a fruit, or a string cheese.
it’s now 10:35 and she’s asked for some cucumbers.

could she possibly be this hungry all the time? or is it just her default boredom request? my son, who’s 3, never asks for food or treats in the middle of the day. in fact, sometimes we have to remnd him that it’s mealtime.

so, what gives? what should i do?
if she would just ask me every 30 minutes and accept the no that i give her, i could deal with it.
if she would take the fruit or veggie option and eat that, i could deal with it.
but, instead, she usually goes into a full-on tantrum. for food. she’s almost 5. i thought the tantrums would stop at some point. i swear, the boy and the baby just watch her like she’s a horror movie. and then they look at me as if to say, “gosh mommy, what the heck is wrong with emily?” gosh, what the HECK is wrong with Emily?


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