February 22 05

or maybe Emily was just in Montreal…

okay, so for two days in a row, the boy slept until 10 am. NO! this is NOT a typo. 10 o’clock. we couldn’t believe it. it was like being in the twilight zone or something. I am so used to my children being awake before 7 in the morning, that when i got up to pee and realized it was 9:50, and the boy still wasn’t awake, i had to do a triple-take at my clock.

i realized, however, that my days of sleeping in were short-lived. not because the boy isn’t capable of sleeping in, but because the girl was away for those two days. hmmm…it’s all making sense now. she manages to wake him up, EVERY SINGLE MORNING, hours before he’s ready. yes, she’s THAT noisy. the poor thing. he must be so tired all day.

so, now Emily’s back and things are back to normal. the days of sleeping in are now but a mere memory…


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