February 22 05

very short and sweet recap, since this damn show will be on three times this week…
the goods:
Nikko (ozzie) Smith – he was good. i dig him.
Anwar – i love this guy – and not only because he sang a song from Breakfast at Tiffanys.
David Brown – i hope he stays until the next round. he sucked tonight with his safe song, but he can really sing.
Mario – not bad. a little flamboyant for my tastes.
the mehs:
Scott Savol – good voice, scary-ass personality.
Bo Bice – yeah, he was good, but he’s in serious need of a make-over
Constanine – i can’t look past his weird double chin to see anything else.
Judd – he’s entertaining. he won’t go far.
the bads:
Jared Yates – no honey, you suck. in a Marc Anthony type of way. ew.
Anthony Federov – he was dull, dull, dull. don’t sing Richard Marx again. ever. please.
Travis Tucker – they don’t know how to stay away from the RPB’s – for the layman, that’s Really Pretty Ballads. did they not listen the last 3 seasons?
Joseph Murena – no. and no. yuck.

  1. wow, I thought I was the only one who watched American Idol anymore – no one else ever admits to it – I agree with almost everything, but I have to put Mario in the “meh” category because he reminds me too much of that guy from “the 70’s show” and I have to put Constantine and Scott Savol in the “bad, very bad” categories because they both creep the hell out of me

    but I love Anwar, I would so vote for him if I wasn’t too lazy to get off my couch when the voting happens

    Comment by C-8 on February 22, 2005
  2. Can we be best friends always and always? LOL

    I had the same feelings on AI last night. No one agreed with all my assessments until you. And of course, since I am right, so are you! 😉

    Love your blog, you are ‘rolled!


    Comment by Queen Of Pink on February 22, 2005
  3. i watch way too much tv…

    Scott Savol is soooo creepy.

    Comment by Ali on February 22, 2005
  4. Ilove me some BO and ANWAR! Bo, first of all, the song choice–HOORAY for no boy band like dreck! lol

    Scott Savol is straight out of Deliverance, right?

    Comment by 'Mazing Amy on February 22, 2005

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