April 24 06

?Many people are angry that I haven’t been recapping Sopranos. I was doing this because I know several people who aren’t watching it on time…and won’t even let me mention the show at all, let alone give a full spoiler-filled commentary. Well, to those people, I say….IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED SOPRANOS THIS SEASON YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SUPER QUALITY TV AND IT’S YOUR LOSS. DO NOT KEEP READING IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS THIS SEASON.

That being said, how freakin’ awesome is this season?

~ First, Kirsten on the OC falls off the wagon, now Cecil B DeMoltisanti follows suit. I’m actually, surprisingly, loving Christopher and his celebrity hijinks. I loved the Ben Kingsley scenes and Lauren Bacall? Only Chrissy could get away with roughing her up.

~personally, I loathe Artie. Every time I see him and his annoying, “pretty soon we’ll be needing a high chair” antics I want to strangle him, but this – “Can I get you a martina? It’s like a martini, but it’s from Albania… well apparently they go down real easy.” Gold. Pure gold.

~Adriana shout-out!! “how many times are you going to play the Adrianna card?”

~”Law and Order, the S.U.V.” heh.

~loved Sir Kingsley’s long drawn out “fuuuucckk” on the airplane (it was almost as good as Tony’s “he’s a fa-ag” last week)


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