November 7 07

do you have a type?

the reason i ask is, well, i have a confession to make. one i’m certainly not proud of. you see, i loathe Drew Barrymore. not so much as a person (she might be just lovely…there i go again with the lovely…) but as an actress, because, well, for me, she’s right up there with Sandra Bullock. she couldn’t act herself out of a paper bag. and don’t get me started on the lisp. it’s not cute or endearing. it’s annoying to have to listen to for an entire 2-hour movie. just sayin’. so, i try my best not to watch her movies…even though all of my friends love the movie Ever After, including miss Aimee.

but…and here’s where the confession comes in.

on saturday night i watched one. an entire one. Never Been Kissed. and i *kinda liked it*. but, honestly, i didn’t even notice Drew. i was watching drooling over Michael Vartan.

yes, him

and some of you are all “Seriously? the Alias guy? seriously!?” and some of you are all “meh, he’s alright” and then there are those of you who are drooling right along with me…

Michael Vartan is my type. that is, if i had a type.

back when i was in high school and for many years after, my type was very clear. I liked the guys who looked like girls. the ones who were skinny and had light eyes and probably would never need to shave because they were completely hairless (which was a definite plus, because i don’t do hairy) for example, if i were in high school right now, i’d probably be in love with Zac Efron (please don’t tell my daughter i just said that) and i was always a Matt over Ben type of girl. surprisingly, though, i was always a Dylan over a Brandon (but i guess they both brought the pretty, didn’t they?)

but then, as i grew nearer to the big 3-0, my type started to shift a little bit. the prepubescent boys were starting to look just a wee too much like jailbait to me.

my new type became somewhat of a hybrid. but, like my favorite cheeto-loving trainwreck likes to say that she’s not a girl, not yet a woman, therein lie my tastes…they aren’t boys, but aren’t quite men. pretty, but not too pretty.

and this man will forever be on my list:

even when he looks like this

i’ll just have to give him a bath first. mmm..bath….

so, don’t hold it against me that i watched Never Been Kissed. and for god’s sake, don’t tell anyone!!!

ps. and i know I have six on my list. sue me. and i’ll add ewan mcgregor too if i want to…in a kilt, no less

new post up at Fabulous. Come on over and see the makings of my son’s mullet. it’s, um, lovely. mwah.

  1. Ok, I love Jaret Leto…I am goin’ way back here but he was perfect in the Steve Prefontaine story (can’t remember movie name)…That said what the heck is with him? I am not liking the new look. Clean it up!

    Comment by Cynthia on November 7, 2007
  2. i also loathe drew barrymore. always have. nice to find someone else who does.

    Comment by Jodi on November 7, 2007
  3. I totally drool over Michael Vartan!!! It’s the only reason I’m watching Big Shots. Well, him and Dylan McDermott, but they are 2 different types of guys.

    Comment by Patricia on November 7, 2007
  4. My type was always tall and gangly. Nothing else really mattered, just tall. Now, it’s funny and can sing. Seriously, I never noticed Antonio Banderas before Evita, nor Ewan McGregor before Moulin Rouge. I also love Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and Adam Sandler, just because I think they would be fun!

    Comment by LoriD on November 7, 2007
  5. Oh, and same about Zac Efron.

    Comment by Patricia on November 7, 2007
  6. thank you! thank you! thank you! woo hoo ewan mcgregor in a kilt. and i love jonathan rhys meyers and…

    Comment by LAVENDULA on November 7, 2007
  7. You know, my tastes have definitely changed as I approach the big 4-0, just as yours did approaching 30. I love JRM, but find him just a little too boyish. I’m now definitely drawn to older men, with grey at their temples and crinkles at their eyes. Weird, huh? Oh, and I much prefer Ewan with a beard (think Long Way Round

    Comment by kath on November 7, 2007
  8. Oh yeah, I forgot. I love Drew. I think she’s cute. And I LOVED Never Been Kissed. I will watch movies just because she is in them. To each his own, I guess, eh?

    Comment by kath on November 7, 2007
  9. Hmm, I feel so confused all of a sudden. These guys are definitely not my type. I go for tall with a broad chest, probably dark hair.
    But um, I am strangely attracted to all most all of your list. Maybe I don’t know myself as well as I thought. or maybe I am just a sucker for a smoldering pose.

    Comment by Kristen on November 7, 2007
  10. I ADORE Jonathan Rhys Meyers, especially in Bend it Like Beckham. Also Ryan Gosling. Since his Young Hercules days. For serious.

    Comment by Sarah on November 7, 2007
  11. Don’t mind if you get a ridiculous spike in traffic today – that’s just me, clicking back over and over and over again, to permanently burn that image of Ewan McGregor in a kilt into my retinas.


    Comment by DaniGirl on November 7, 2007
  12. I watched Never Been Kissed the other night too, and Michael Vartan is UP THERE for me. Of course, he looks a WHOLE lot like the older brother of an ex-boyfriend of mine, and sadly, said older brother was a jerk.

    Comment by Rebecca on November 7, 2007
  13. I have a type…every image on this post…my type.

    Comment by ~JJ! on November 7, 2007
  14. That’s hilarious about your type of guy in high school. It was mine, too. And I am totally on board with the less hair on a man is better. My mom, clearly not agreeing with that sentiment, once said to me in response to my liking hairless men that it is like dating a woman…yea mom, except for that other thing that distinguishes men from women.
    Love Michael Vartan, too! And Josh Duhamel…yummy!

    Comment by Sarah on November 7, 2007
  15. I can’t stand Drew (as an actress…). And, that whole Charlie’s Angels phase — when they all thought they were the shit? So annoying — I only started liking Lucy again when I saw Lucky Number Slevin. Great flick. I was wondering about Never Been Kissed. Never rented it because of Drew….

    Your boyz are still too pretty for my taste. But, I’ve been liking Josh Duhamel since Transformers….

    Comment by Haley-O on November 7, 2007
  16. Omg… I LOVE your type! Every one of them…even the dirty one. And it’s a good thing there’s plenty of em’ to go around too or you and I would be resorting to fisticuffs should we ever find ourselves stalking a red carpet somewhere together.

    Comment by jasmine on November 7, 2007
  17. Wha? No Adrian Grenier?

    Comment by Sarah at In the Trenches of Mommyhood on November 7, 2007
  18. My type, typically, is tall, skinny and British.

    But my type is Brad Pitt.

    Comment by mamatulip on November 7, 2007
  19. Yum. Michael Vartan… sorry, didn’t pay attention to anything after that. 😉


    Comment by heidikins on November 7, 2007
  20. you must have been watching w channel. like me. i love never been kissed. and ever after. did you catch fever pitch? aside from the unfornuate scenes that made me relive the boston red sox knocking the yankees out of the playoffs and then going on to win the world series, it was a pretty cute movie.

    Comment by age on November 7, 2007
  21. I use to like the clean cut, innocent boy look.

    Now I get all tizzy when I see goatees and stubble. And salt and pepper hair…don’t even get me started.

    Comment by Queen of Shake Shake on November 7, 2007
  22. Love your taste, except maybe Jared. I was scarred for life after Requiem for a Dream. Love Josh Duhamel. I too am a Brad Pitt fan first but have started to find my attention drawn to the younger set as of late…Leo DiCaprio being one of my new faves after The Departed and Blood Diamond.

    Drew Barrymore drives me crazy too….what’s up with her funny speech?

    Comment by mamakie on November 7, 2007
  23. Um, I drooled all over my tv watching Alias for that man. AND Never Been Kissed. I love that last scene when he runs from the bleachers to that heart-swelling song. Michael, I’m married but I’d use a pass for you.


    Comment by KC on November 7, 2007
  24. Good choices girl!! You’re making me drool all over my computer 🙂

    I like the not so good by image 🙂

    Comment by FENICLE on November 7, 2007
  25. I agree regarding Drew Barrymore – never been a fan, but maybe need to see Never Been Kissed now?!

    And I too drool for Michael Vartan….thank god he’s on a new sitcom now!

    And this statement I could have said myself…”if i were in high school right now, i’d probably be in love with Zac Efron (please don’t tell my daughter i just said that) and i was always a Matt over Ben type of girl. surprisingly, though, i was always a Dylan over a Brandon”

    Comment by Sara on November 8, 2007
  26. ha ha! This post made me die laughing for 2 different reasons:
    1. I bought Ever after as soon as it came out because I was a 15 year old then, and nothing got me in a tizzy like a good romance. It was my favorite! BUT(and this is where we switch to #2)…
    2. I never watched the movie much because the ads before the movie included “Never Been Kissed”.. where I’d push pause every time Michael Vartan would show up on the screen. I’d keep the VCR on pause for hours… like a framed picture on my wall. Dang I was obsessed!
    The planets all lined up for you to bring me this post!

    Comment by Lara on November 9, 2007
  27. Le Vartan is good, but the entire list together? Made me lick my screen.

    Turns out, I should clean my screen slightly more often than never. Ew. *wipes schmutz off tongue, disgusted*

    Comment by lildb on November 11, 2007
  28. Ooh, Josh Duhamel. Not normally my type, but oh… worth watching Las Vegas for!

    Comment by b*babbler on November 11, 2007
  29. *wiping up drool*….
    mmmm, michael vartan…. 🙂

    Comment by Holly on November 12, 2007
  30. Are you watching big shots? He’s doing a the pretty sexy thing there!!

    Comment by Jay on November 13, 2007

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