November 6 07

Is Patrick Moberg‘s attempt to find the girl of his dreams – the girl he shared a subway ride with – romantic? creepy? a little bit too much Lass Bass in On the Line-ish? what do you think? Personally, i think it’s awesome…and i’m kind of wishing that i wore a flower in my braided hair and blue gym shorts and tights (only not so much, because that’s a bizarre combination…)

Girl of my Dreams

I am officially the proud owner of this

after a karmastic surprise bonus at work (don’t get excited. it was small. very, very, erm, well, wee)…i realized that it was fate that the wii i’d been talking whining about getting finally become mine.

and mine it became. oh my heavenly days, i couldn’t be happier. well, i could. once i get my hands on


i love all things mario. love love love.

since awards are a rarity around these parts i will let you know of, not one, but two awards i received lately.


my favorite horizontal parent-er over at Oh, The Joys gave all of us in the great white north, those who bleed Tim Horton’s coffee, this lovely little honor. because, she’s right as usual, Canadian bloggers are AWESOME.

and then, over at so, what do you do all day, i got me some yellow and green goodness with one of these puppies



it’s lovely to know that my candy strike made someone smile because i sure as hell haven’t been. (but tomorrow is November 7th, and i’m pretty sure i’ll be having candy for lunch….)

i suppose i’m supposed to share some smile-y love and let you know what bloggers out there are making me smile. There are many, of course, but today i’m handing out green-and-yellow fugly-ass awards – and perhaps some tongue-kissing, if they’ll have me - to these lovelies (i think i overuse the word lovely. i guess it could be worse. i could be slipping the word ‘cock’ into all my sentences…)

1. The Cheaty Monkey. oh she of the new babies and the puree obsession. she’s a bestie in real life and online.

2. Moosh in Indy. she bakes. she shows us the moosh runway. she bakes. she makes me want to use my treadmill more often. and did i mention that she bakes?

3. Where’s My Cape? three words: medical. advice. monday.

4. Sarah and the Goon Squad. she’s 12 at heart, like me, and laughs at things like “avoid squeezing the meat” ahahaha.

5. Metalia. she’s a fellow member of the tribe, and possibly the only female i’ve ever seen who can pull off bangs. real bangs. oh, and she loves Liam Neeson. and sees crazies on the subway. she’s like me, only funny.


  1. We’re asking Crazy Generous Grandma for a Wii for Christmas!

    Comment by Rebecca on November 6, 2007
  2. I’d get us a Wii, but then I’m afraid we wouldn’t have time to watch TV…or get my degree…or…eat.

    Comment by Stacy on November 6, 2007
  3. I think the Patrick moberg thing is cute. Very John-Cusak-movie-ish.

    We have a Wii – it is awesome – get Big Brain Academy!! Its a trivia game. Can get heated!! 🙂

    Comment by AndreAnna on November 6, 2007
  4. OH! You are too kind, my LOVERLY bestie! (And, I so need this right now because I so think I suck from the no-sleeping-thing!) LOVE! And, I have to come play with your wii — how DIRTY does THAT sound!? Ha!

    Comment by Haley-O on November 6, 2007
  5. I bought a Wii nearly a month ago and stashed it at my parents’ place for my husband’s birthday – on December 4. He’s been going on and on and ON about the damn things forever, and I frankly can’t wait to get my hands on it either — but we still have a whole month to wait!!

    Comment by DaniGirl on November 6, 2007
  6. I’m trying to justify a wii purchase as a form of exercise. it worked for those dance dance revolution people!

    Comment by hello insomnia on November 6, 2007
  7. WAIT A SECOND I THINK I’VE SEEN HER BEFORE!! Or at least that journal looks familiar. I should call him.
    Oh, and be careful with the Wii. My mother in law ended up going to the chiropracter for throwing her shoulder out while bowling. The doc was like “Yeah, those bowling balls are pretty heavy and can do some real damage.”
    *cricket* *cricket*
    Yeah, except it was a .001 lb remote that did it.

    Comment by Lara on November 6, 2007
  8. I think the subway thing is cute. And I want a wii. We stayed with folks over the Labour Day weekend who had a wii, and it kept the girls so busy that I was able to drink pornstars with my girlfriends instead of, you know, watch my kids.

    Comment by alison on November 6, 2007
  9. Oh, my daughter would be so jealous…. she is hinting severely for a Wii for Christmas…

    Congrats on the awards!!!

    Comment by Maureen on November 6, 2007
  10. No Wii for me. That requires moving my body. Eww.

    As for the subway thing, I think it’s kind of sweet. I’m anxious to hear if anything comes of his attempts!

    Comment by Jennifer on November 6, 2007
  11. Really? You got a Wii? You know I’m coming to visit now don’t you?
    Seriously … I want one. And, it’s the only video game thingie I’ve ever wanted.

    Comment by Laural on November 6, 2007
  12. OMG, I know that girl!

    Congrats on the awards!

    Comment by Cynthia on November 6, 2007
  13. Mario is divine.

    Comment by manda on November 6, 2007
  14. Aw, thanks Ali! And the fact that you think I can actually pull off my bangs just COMPLETELY made my day. 😉

    Comment by metalia on November 6, 2007
  15. Uh… how do I learn of this great and powerful coffee in the blood thing?

    Comment by Oh, The Joys on November 6, 2007
  16. um, is ‘cock’ not supposed to be a part of all my sentences?


    Comment by lara on November 7, 2007
  17. Hooray!

    You make me smile too.

    Comment by Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah on November 7, 2007
  18. I own *cough* On the Line *cough*

    Hey! I still maintain that it is age appropriate for me to have liked boy bands and also for me to continue to love all things Justin Timberlake.

    Comment by Sarah on November 7, 2007
  19. Wow. I’m so honored! Now. Must. Work. On. Good. Medical. Advice. Monday. On. Butt. Pain. This is too much pressure.

    Comment by KC on November 7, 2007
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