April 8 05

~~I love Tana. I think she was a great project manager and i am hoping she wins this whole thing. she’s goofy, she’s awkward, and she NEVER fails to crack me up. my personal favorite of the night?

Tana: “So, what do you like in your bottom?”
kid: “You mean, like, my pants?”
Tana: “Oh, yes, your pants”

~~Could there be any worse of an invention than the “Laptop Hoodie”? yeah, that would sell… that’s how i like to carry around my laptop…in my freakin’ neck!

~~Bren still brings too much creep for me. ew. and I’m still liking Craig. And i love love loved the two of them taking on the guys in Brooklyn.

~~When they lost, i couldn’t figure out who screwed up the worst: Angie and her HORRIBLE presentation, Alex and his bone-headed ideas (see Laptop Hoodie above) and his total lack of control, or Chris and his lost credit card. “I hope they find that credit card so I don’t have to find an aluminum bat and break somebody’s kneecaps.” giggle.


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