April 8 05

~~Holy cow – Jeff Probst is LOVING this. “Immunity is up for grabs, that means A N Y O N E can win immunity” was classic. and sending Stephenie back to camp all alone! the poor thing. i think i’d rather go home than have to be all alone. That being said, Stephenie rocks the Survivor world. I love her. and i love that she has no clue that Tom and Ian are planning to save her ass.

~~Okay, even though Bobby Jon was dumb as nails, he still brought the pretty and i liked him. Yeah, i liked him, until he started blowing snot rockets. ew.

~~and i’m sorry. I like being clean as much as the next guy, but 55 gallons of water was not worth having to eat the poor baby chickens. ew. when Tom said to watch out for the beak? i swear i almost lost my dinner. i’ll take my baths in the ocean, thank you very much. and yes, i’ll boil my water if i have to. no biggie. that was THE WORST REWARD.

~~I’m officially on the Coby love train. I’m lovin’ that he’s getting grouchy and snarky. and i’m lovin’ that he’s kickin arse in this game. i hope he continues to stir up trouble. he’s single-handedly making the most boring tribe in history slightly entertaining.

~~Janu and Caryn are a big snoozefest. they can leave asap.


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