August 29 06

School starts on Tuesday.
Summer is officially over.
and i must admit. i’m kinda sorta a little bit happy about it.

this may come as a shock to most of you, since i love the summer.
i love almost everything about summer.
the long days that seem to go on forever.
the warmth. not having to wear jackets, and hats, and boots, and gloves, and scarves.
the outdoor sunday barbeques. every week.
the swimming at Jack and Ilana’s.
the laid-back attitude at work (not to mention the empty parking lot in the mornings)
the tan. and holy hell, i look about 1000 times better with a tan.
the trips to Canada’s Wonderland.
the NOT having to drive carpool.
the park.
the ben and jerry’s (for some reason, i’m able to justify this guilty pleasure only in the summer…)

my reason for being happy that summer is ending is two-fold.
a) my kids need to get back into school. back into routine. They’ve had just about enough freedom, thank you very much. they need to go back to going to bed at 7 (instead of 9). and waking up at 7 (instead of 6:30). they have too much extra energy that just isn’t getting used.

b) the turtleneck. i’m totally missing this staple piece of clothing. turtlenecks are my go-to clothing item. seriously. they always look good. on skirts. on jeans. you can dress them up with the right jewellery. you can dress them down. my mother is shocked at how i can pretty much get through winter in a different turtleneck every day (no joke, i have 14 black ones alone. sad, really), because when i was a kid, i refused them. i didn’t like anything against my neck. and now i feel naked without it.

what about all of you?
happy that summer’s over?
bummed that it flew by so fast?

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