August 30 06

alrighty, since my first post was axed by my husband, you will have to settle for number 2. (which i’m hoping is more like rob lowe in austin powers and not like the other one you were thinking of, sicko…) . and the first post was funny, folks. it was funny. it involved nipple slips and swimming phones. you would have laughed. i promise.

the yay:

my computer at work is very ill. i’m not sure if i’ve ever mentioned this before, since i try to keep work-related things off the blog. but, this must be discussed.
it’s either ill or possessed or just very, very depressed.

it turns off on its own. just whenever it feels like it. hmm…my dear friend Ali is mid email, let’s shut off on her. nice.
it takes 45 minutes to reboot. no joke. so slow.
i can’t have more than one application open at a time, or things freeze. no, i’m not kidding. so let’s say i have an excel file open (which i do, at about 99% of the time), i cannot then go over and start to write an email. freeze. and heaven help me if i click on any other tab. freeze. freeze.
if i’m downloading hi-res photos, and i dare try to touch anything else, freeze.
sometimes it has a bit of a seizure on me. the screen starts to shake and everything jumbles together and dances a little. and then? you guessed it. freeze.

so, i complained to my boss. i complained to IT. i complained to just about anyone who will listen. they’ve come up several times and told me everything was fine. i have one of the newer computers…so i’m low on the priority list.
finally, yesterday, my new best friend came to take a look at it. i left my deal old computer in his hands.
he paid me a visit this morning and told me to save all my things to the shared server….because….baby….i’m getting me a new computer!! woot! (i’m actually not all that big on using the woot!, but this situation was begging for it.)


the boo:
Emily got her admit-to-class card yesterday. she was put in SK-B. her best friend, however, was put in SK-A. Emily, of course, is devastated. i am acutally not all that upset that they separated them. they are trouble. and together, they are even more trouble. snotty, snobby little things.
the thing is, it seems that Emily got put into a class, not just without her best friend, but really without any of her friends at all. granted, she does have Sarah J., which will make her happy, but that’s about it. no hannah, or mia, or haviva. not even the boys she’s friends with. poor girl. i’m dying inside for her.
and i’m a little bit pissed off. if they were going to split the snobbies, it should have been an even 3-3 split. not 2 and 4. that’s just not fair.
i know she’ll be fine. she’s a leader. (she’s just like Johnny Castle – – – she can lead anybody). she will find followers just about anywhere she goes.
but the thing that irks me is that we were really on the fence between two schools. should we send her to school a, which is really more our speed religiously and academcially, or should we send her to school b, where all her friends are. we chose school b, for better or for worse, because of the friends.
and now she’s not even with those friends.


what about you guys?
got a boo and yay for today to share???

(folks, i’d love to give credit where credit is due, but i can’t for the life of me remember where i first saw the boo/yay game. i think it was probably Stacy, but i’m not sure!!)

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