August 17 06

one of the benefits to having a nanny is that she does things for you.
she does the things you don’t want to do (toilets) and the things you just don’t have time to do (change the sheets and polish the silver).
there are, however, a few things that i prefer to do myself.
laundry is one these things.

most of my friends look at me in horror when i say that i do laundry (well…to be fair, i load the machines and unload them, and even fold them. but i don’t put laundry away. ever. it’s like a sickness. i don’t unload the dishwasher either.)

i like to pretreat my stains a certain way. and if you’ve ever met my children, you would realize that proper stain treatment is essential for our survival. in case you’re curious, i use a combination of this and this.
i like to use my own systems for how to dry things. certain things get dried for 5 minutes and have to come out and be laid out – in a certain way, of course – immediately. some things get dried halfway, and some things (most for me) get dried the entire way. i like my systems. they work for me.

which is why i have no one to blame but myself for ruining my two favorite shirts.
anyone who knows will easily recognize these two.
they are both from RW&co.
the first is a blue shirt that kind of bunches at the boob area…and has a pesky button that has trouble staying shut.
the second is pink. three shades of pink. i ALWAYS wear it with a black skirt and my favorite shoes. it’s my go-to outfit. it fits right in all the right places.

so, i washed the two shirts. put them in the dryer for 5 minutes. took them out and neatly laid them out on top of the washer.
what i didn’t realize what that the industrial size tide that i had bought had a spout that was hanging directly over the shirts. drip. drip. drip.
i didn’t discover them until the morning, when they had this super lovely white crusty spot on them. ew.
so, into the wash they went. i mean, it was just soap, right? it should come right out.

um, yeah, no. giant crusty mark? still there. in all it’s taunting glory.

so, this morning i stood at the sink, desperately trying to scrub the detergent marks out of my two shirts. i left them to dry over my bathtub.
please pray for me.
at least if my nanny did my laundry, i’d have someone to blame.

** come on, you know you LOVE that commercial. and now you’ll never get it out of your heads…


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