August 16 06

so, we punished my son this week.
well, when i say, what i really mean to say is the husband.
I didn’t punish him. ever since the whole broke-mommy’s-camera-mommy-cuts-up-blanket fiasco, i have punishment issues.

anyway, he was sent to his room for a 3-minute time-out.
when he came down, he looked at the husband. with very angry eyes.
and said:
“You’re done. You’re fired.” (which actually sounded more like, “you’we done. you’we fi-ewed”)
complete with hysterical ‘it’s over’ hand gestures.

seriously. my son cracks me up.
and i didn’t think it could get any better than the “see ya later, fweeks” line.


Isabella got lots of good toys for her birthday.
the clear favorite has got to be the farm fridge toy.

i think the husband and i are enjoying this toy more than the kids.
it’s a mix and match farm animal game.
for example – you put the sheep front on and the horse back on and then it sings this little song:
“a sheep in front, a horse behind, put them together, and what do you find? a sheep-horse! that’s silly.”
oh…you can see how this would be great fun for two adults who have the minds of 12-year-olds.
and it totally left the door for all sorts of “in front” and “behind” combinations…


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