May 29 06

our friends have a pool.
this automatically brings back memories of when i was 16. and people came crawling out of the woodwork to be my friend because i had a car in 10th grade.

we were friends with them before the pool. for the record.

but i was thrilled to go swimming yesterday. (we were the second friends to use it….i told Jack as long as we made the top 5 i was happy…).

my body is not-ready-for-pool, though, and i have a giant, scary-ass bruise on my upper thigh (it’s from my infant seat that, yes, isabella is WAY to giant for…i know, i know, mad mother….), and i was suffering from end-of-the-weekend bloat-ious maximus. good thing i have my miracle suit that makes me look skinny. woohoo. also, i’m white. pasty, pasty white.

Emily is a daredevil. and not scared of anything. she was ready to go leaping off the diving board.

Joshua is a big red chicken. the only way we were even able to lure him into the pool at all was because he’s more afraid of their dog and Jazzy doesn’t go in the water, so to Josh, the pool was a jazzy-safe environment.

Isabella is a mellow little kitten. she had a blast splashing and kicking and just being in the water. she definitely had the best time of anyone. what a cutie.

i still have no tan to speak of, but i guess it’s still only May.


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