January 14 05

Okay…first and foremost, we must discuss what Lindsey was wearing in this episode. cleavage much? was it a bra? was it a shirt? whatever it was, it should be banned from today’s high schools. That being said, I’m liking Ryan and Lindsay together and wish they’d stop breaking up and getting back together and finally be together. i like them.

now, zack on the other hand….he’s just Blandy McDull. I hope Summer breaks up with him. although i did get quite a giggle when Summer said, “Kofi Annan… I think he works for United Airlines or something.”

And i can’t say that i’m sorry to see DJ go, but this of course will mean that angry, in need of a sandwich Marissa will run rampant in Newport Beach ruining everyone else’s relationships…gotta love Marissa…

Oh, Sandy, how i love you! yes, the singing had a slight tinge of cheese, but it was adorable. I’d love to take you home! “You too, Mr. History of Agriculture.” loved that!

  1. First of all, what the heck happend to Marissa’s little sister (I think her name was Kaitlin)??? She totally disappeared. She didn’t even make a cameo for the family picture. Interesting.
    Second, the best line of the night:
    Zack: “I’m picking my sister up from the airport”
    Summer: “Why? Is she handicap or something?”
    That was so funny!!!

    Comment by matin on January 14, 2005
  2. Caitlin’s gone – disappeared. what the hell?

    Comment by Anonymous on January 17, 2005

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