January 13 05

I hereby resolve NOT to recommend movies to anyone. ever again.

It’s not that i think i have a particularly good or bad taste in movies, I just think that it’s i really really personal thing. There are people who only like action movies – the shoot ’em up kind. There are some people who only like the sappy dramas. There are some people who only like comedies.

And then there’s me. I like to think of my taste in movies are being unique. I am really into movies that are slightly off-beat…Garden State, Three Kings, Rushmore variety. There’s something about these movies that are not just entertainment. They make you think on a level i think a lot of people are not capable of, or not interested in.

I also like old school teen angst movies…breakfast club, pretty in pink, dirty dancing. etc. these are just really good feelgood movies that make me think of my adolescence with a smile. i will never try to prove that they are deserving of oscars – the acting isn’t top-notch and there are no special effects to speak of. but, i like them nonetheless.

I also like movies like back to the future and karate kid. they are oldies, but goodies.

I also like well-made, oscar caliber movies….the godfather, scarface-y types.

I also like old movies…breakfast at tiffany’s, on the waterfront, gone with the wind. they are classics. and i love them.

i’m not crazy into big blockbuster movies….while i’ll agree that lord of rings was amazing cinematography, the story bored me to tears. I can’t get into the whole fantasy thing. a lot of movies like this just don’t do it for me. and i’m also not crazy into the movies i’ll call “saturday night live” movies, like a night at the roxbury and Superstar….think anything with Rob Schneider, Adam Sandler, Will Farrell etc. (not the good SNL alum…)there are, of course, exceptions to this rule. I loved Old School, and I think Happy Gilmore was hilarious.

so, it seems that every time i recommend a movie to someone, i am so nervous that they aren’t going to like it (i sit through the movie watching them…hoping they will laugh at the things i find funny, and hoping they will “get” the things that there are to get) – even though going in, i should know that someone (like my friend URI) who is very into the saturday night live-no thinking movies is in no way going to appreciate an off-beat indy movie. And an all action person is not going to be able to sit through Pretty in Pink. clearly, i should take my audience into account. and i should realize that just because a movie is for me, it’s not for everyone.

i will no longer recommend Garden State to anyone. i personally think it’s a fantastic movie, but most of my friends didn’t like it. i guess what it comes down to is this: if you don’t appreciate its beauty, it’s way over your head.

from now on, i’ll keep my mouth shut, and just go with the flow. 🙂 but if you make me sit through Anchorman, i won’t feel badly telling you that it SUCKS ASS!

  1. i too have been recommending garden state and have made everyone around me mad at me.

    as for your mornings, i’m sorry. 🙁 i feel ya. why is it they always want us (the mommies) and not in a good way… we get the most whining and complaining and it’s us they want at 2am…

    it’s not that i’m complaining about it but why can’t others see that we get bombarded most and may, every so often, need bailing out so that we don’t lose it on these kids…

    ahem… as you can see we did not have the easiest of evenings last night. i’m sorry, but when you leave for work an hour before i leave to take the baby to school and get home an hour after i’ve picked her up – that’s a lot of alone time that i’ve dealt with. it just may be getting to me that every moment i spend with my child is a whining, temper tantrum.

    and why, the once or twice a month that he picks her up do i find myself singing his praises and thanking him incessantly?

    ps – didn’t mean to go on and on – guess i needed an outlet today… sorry.

    Comment by chisparoja on January 13, 2005
  2. I don’t recommend movies as much as I tell people what I like and don’t like. If they think they have the same taste as me, they’ll go see a movie I enjoyed, otherwise they won’t. I use this approach with other people. If they tend to like the same types of movies I do, and they liked a new one that came out, I’ll go see it.

    And if they normally hate movies I like, and like movies I hate, I use that as a gauge of what to see and avoid too. (I go to the ones they hate and avoid the ones they love – this works pretty well with my sister, although not 100% of the time).

    Comment by Sean on January 13, 2005
  3. Megan – vent away! i like to hear that i’m not the only one who finds parenting to be tough!!!!

    Comment by Ali on January 14, 2005

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