January 29 06

as of this morning, at 5 months and 2 weeks old, Isabella is officially weaned.
and i have to tell you, i don’t feel the least bit guilty.
I will not be sorry to watch my porn size 34 DD’s wilt down to a measley 32 B.
I will not be sorry to watch my scratches and scrapes disappear…never to return.
I will not be sorry to see my shirts covering my belly.
I will not be sorry to tell the husband that he can feed the bella first thing in the morning.

and, by the way, as of friday…..i am down to my prepregnancy weight. officially.
my skinny skinny skinniest pair of jeans fit me and don’t make me look like a rhinocerous. I tried on every.single.article. of clothing in my closet. and they all fit. they all freakin’ fit!

let’s celebrate! anyone want some cake?


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