September 7 04

poor girl. Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe, had a “wardrobe malfunction” when her stiletto got caught on her dress while she was on stage in her hometown Australia for a promotional event. Even though her dress fell to her ankles, she handled the incident with poise. She simply turned around on her stilettos and continued walking.

That’s what I call courage under fire!

  1. Oh, the poor girl. All that beauty queen training was put to some good use there – all that poise at that moment.

    I was more attracted by the guy beside her though. He’s quite cute. 😉

    ~ restlessly

    Comment by Anonymous on September 8, 2004
  2. What happened to my comment?

    I guess all that beauty queen training in poise really came through this time. 😉 Poor girl though. If something like that happened to me I’d just be mortified. Although my eye was more for that guy beside her – he looks cute.


    Comment by Anonymous on September 8, 2004

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