March 23 05

~~My love for Rob grows this week when he gives his Red Sox hat to the guy on the boat. aw. pure gold. and the Hemingway reference too. oh, yeah, and when he got on the airplane. fantastic.

~~”Mom, be quiet before we have an embarrassing moment.” Can’t say i’m sorry to see you go…Patrick was such a silly little whiner. Although Ray and Deana would have been okay to go too. They annoy me. and Ray’s an ass.

~~i didn’t really like Gretchen and Meredith until they followed Ray (what were they thinking? they are obviously not the brightest…) and didn’t get upset. they just chocked it up to being part of the game. finally.

~~Not sure if i like Lynn and Alex. Their hate for Rob and Amber is beginning to annoy. but i love love loved, “I’ll run you off the road, beeyotch.” They need to learn to harp less and race more. maybe then they’ll come in first.

~~I was kind of expecting to see Uchenna and Joyce get a penalty for going to the island instead of the shipwreck…but i guess not. which is good, because i like them.

~~I’m hoping for a Rob/Amber, Brian/Greg and Uchenna/Joyce final 3. that would be good.

~~can’t wait for next week! Bleeding Gretchen! Crazy car accidents! 2 hours!

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