March 23 05

the goods:
Carrie – she sounded awesome. she looked like some scary drag queen.
Vonzell – she was good. really good. i was surprised.
Nikko – i love him. what else can i say?

the mehs:
Anthony – eh. feh. meh. he was okay. not great.
Scott – he’s sounding better to me. he would be in the good category this week if he didn’t creep the crap out of me.
Bo – i love that song, but i don’t think he did a great job with it.
Anwar – was slightly dull (what? chakah chan dull?), but he’s still awesome in my books.
Jessica – she looked less piggish tonight, but it was just a’ight for me, man.

the bads:
Nadia – the vocals vs. the hair? which was more distracting…i might have to go with the vocals…
Mikalah – why doesn’t she…um…i don’t know…actually take their advice and act a little more her age???? she’s going to lose this week. that’s my call. you heard it here first.
Constantine – no, no, no. although i did get a little snicker out of him singing the partridge family.


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