December 9 05

at the salon. at the masseuse. while getting waxed.
i don’t like the annoying chatter. “how many kids do you have?” “What do you do?” and all that small talk.
i’d so much rather sit in silence and let these people pamper me.
there’s way too little quiet in my life, and so i take advantage of these opportunities.

but, for my colorist Jodi at Donato, i always make an exception. i enjoy her immensely. she’s part crunchy granola, part edge, and part softie when it comes to her son Wyatt. I love listening to her stories about her life.

today, however, was the first time i’d ever seen her un-perky. she had this nasty sinus infection that the walk-in clinic doctor told her wasn’t an infection. and she left her husband. i didn’t even know what to say to her. she’s now a single mom. and her husband, who originally agreed to mediation, has now hired himself a lawyer and wants to take her to the cleaners. it seems the only thing he doesn’t want from her is Wyatt. he asked for 2 days a month! could you imagine?? his son. he only wants to see him twice a month. how sad is that?


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