December 9 05

~~would you have given up the car? i know it’s easier to say when not actually faced with the decision, but what would you have done? i, personally, would have given the four other people the cars. for the very reason that once someone gives you a car, you will think twice about voted their ass out a few days later. each contestant gets money after the show. the longer you stay in the tribe, the more money you make. Cindy would have bought herself more time, therefore buying herself more money. that’s just my 2 cents.

~~i liked Cindy…but i won’t be sorry to see the end of her mustache and her hairy armpits.

~~i hope for Stephenie’s sake that she doesn’t make the final 2. who’s going to vote for her? certainly none of the members of her alliance that she so casually voted out…

~~anyone surprised that Stephenie didn’t win the puzzle challenge??? hee.

~~do you think the jury members planned their wiggles-esque outfits?

~~Danni rocks. i didn’t love her in the beginning, but she’s played this game really, really well. i hope she wins.


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