August 20 07

the three pounds i gained in three days were entirely worth it.

wanna know why?

because that there…that’s Dennis Rodman. he was eating at Goldfish. and so were we. it’s sad that i get excited about seeing quasi-celebrities when my sister lives in NYC and parties with Nigel Barker and the entire cast of the Sopranos. (even if she called Pussy “uncle Pussy”…which to me just sounds all kinds of wrong…)

and that there…that’s us at Cheesecake Factory. (we managed to eat there TWICE in three days. awe.some.)

and that there…that’s me and Tova in my dad’s porsche. windblown. and totally sex-ay.

yes, folks. it was a GREAT three days in Atlanta with Tova and Frye. but way too short. there just wasn’t enough time. we did manage to eat and shop, which were the only real priorities. you can see the rest of the set on flickr, of course. (photos are curtesy of Tova’s camera, since my battery died on day 1)


  1. I stand by the name UNCLE Pussy 🙂 Party, I wish. Only stalking for your sis.

    Comment by ali on August 20, 2007
  2. The Cheesecake Factory is so good.

    Comment by manda on August 20, 2007
  3. looks like you had fun!

    Comment by LAVENDULA on August 20, 2007
  4. LOOKS LIKE SOOO MUCH FUN! I didn’t know Tova and Frye were going with you. NICE! So cool that you saw Dennis Rodman! You all look GORJ in the pics!

    Comment by haley-o on August 20, 2007
  5. Cool, I gained 3 pounds this week too! And every gluttonous bite was savoured.
    I love that photo with the wind in your hair. Hilarious!

    Comment by Amanda on August 20, 2007
  6. Sounds like you have as much luck with cameras as I do lately (2 broken in 2 years and the other just a little bit of a drama queen)

    Comment by LaLa on August 21, 2007
  7. There seems to be a theme of hottness amoungst you and your sisters. Your parents did good work!

    Comment by chantal on August 21, 2007
  8. Another American chain restaurant we miss in Europe. Life is not fair.

    Comment by Nadine on August 21, 2007
  9. That’s the fun 3 pounds I’ve heard so far.


    Comment by Mike on August 21, 2007
  10. The “Cousin IT” look is SOOOOO in style!

    Was that really Dennis Rodman or some butch lady with huge hoop earrings?

    Comment by loren on August 21, 2007
  11. Looks like a good time. And The Cheesecake Factory? That’s a damn lot of food!

    Comment by Chris on August 22, 2007
  12. What a great time – the 3 lbs is totally worth it – will come off in no time chasing your kidlets. Great pix too!

    Comment by karen on August 22, 2007
  13. cool .. nice weekend Ali!
    I shopped and ate while visiting my sister in NYC too! ah .. to be kidless and husbandless in such an awesome city!
    John Mayer lives in Tribeca where my sister lives and I was sooo hoping to run into him lol .. no such luch although I hear that he was out getting coffee for new squeeze Cameron Diaz…

    Comment by sarah on August 23, 2007
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