January 24 06

Today i went to the dentist. for a normal cleaning. unfortunately for me, there was nothing normal about my hygienist. she was rude, and mean, and hurt the hell out of me. she poked and prodded and poked some more. and she took over a freakin’ hour for a cleaning. and after all that, her telling me i’m a bad brusher, and a bad flosser, my dentist came in and said my teeth and gums look great. what a bee-otch.

Today my bella is feeling much, much better. she still has a crusty nose. the husband takes a much different approach to the snot cleaning. he goes right in. and she screams like well…like Emily. (ha). i, because i can’t handle the screaming, am learning to live with the snotty nose and it gets thoroughly cleaned once a day, at bathtime, when she’s in such a state of euphoria that she’s oblivious to my hands pinching and grabbing at her face.

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Today was a first for me. i spent several hours at the mall and DIDN’T BUY A SINGLE THING. not even a coffee, dude. i have a disease. i feel better knowing that my friend Sharon suffers from it as well, but it’s a disease nonetheless. it’s called chronic buying syndrome. i. can’t. stop. i’m a product whore. a clothing whore. a children’s everything whore. toys. clothes. shoes. bottles. pacifiers. diapers. wipes. i can’t control myself. i see a sale and i’m on it like white on rice.


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